Beach Babe

Beach vacations have always been my favorite. Give me sunshine, crashing waves and a good book, and I am set! Although my favorite beaches are along warmer bodies of water, the sandy coastline of Maine is definitely among my top 5. Last week’s beach of choice was called Footbridge Beach, and you literally had to cross a bridge on foot to get there. It was so gorgeous that I couldn’t help snapping some pictures from the bridge and the beach itself!

Beach Look

Speaking of snapping pictures, big thanks to my best friend (and vacation partner-in-crime) Elena for taking time away from her beach bliss to get these outfit photos for me! This romper coverup was the perfect piece to transition from beach to the rest of vacay life, and totally comfortable too.

I also decided that I might want to show off the (sexier than I’m used to) one-piece that I wore to the beach that day. Body confidence is not something that comes easily to me, and I wasn’t sure if I would actually publish any of the photos. I grew to my current height (a whopping 5’4″) at around 5th grade, and my curves came early too. There are pictures of me from summer camp, where I literally look like an awkward giant next to my appropriately tiny friends. But, over the years, I’ve grown into my body and tried my best to embrace what I have. That said, I definitely went hard at the gym to prepare for this beach vacation, and you know what? I felt great! So, give your body some love. It’s the only one you’ve got!

Cute Cover Up

Beach Style

Cute Summer Outfits

Sexy One-Piece Bathing Suits

Patterned Swimsuit


Cute Cover Ups for the Beach

Sunnies: Kate Spade Saturday, Romper: Madewell, Bathing Suit: Victoria’s Secret PINK (similar, another option)

Summer Accessories: Head to Toe

As July comes to an end and back-to-school supplies line the shelves, everyone seems to be getting nervous about the end of summer. But, the truth is that we have more than a month to go! That means there’s still time to shop for must-have summer accessories. From hats to headphones, there are so many fun and functional options…even for girls on a budget!

Save the Undies

As much as I talk about clothes, I rarely share what’s underneath them. The truth is that the right undergarments are the foundation for a great outfit. That means bras and panties that fit well AND make us feel good! Vibrant colors and prints + lacy details are my go-tos, and I’m a sucker for sales at Vicky’s!

Pretty Panties

I want to be able to wear my prettiest panties, no matter what time of month it is, so I’m always on the lookout for new protective products to try. Enter: a new line of pads from U by Kotex. I know what you’re thinking…pads that actually work are like diapers! But, not these pads. U by Kotex uses a 3D Capture Core for ultimate protection, without the bulk. Plus, the pads come in colorfully printed wrappers, and the packaging is super chic.

U by KotexPads have definitely come a long way, and these are totally worth a try. But, don’t just take my word for it. U by Kotex is offering free samples, so you can try them for yourself! Turn your period into an exclamation point, and save the undies!

This post is sponsored by U by Kotex® Pads
Thanks for supporting the brands that keep La Petite Pear running!

Seaside Stripes

Striped Dress

When you’re staying by the ocean for a week, you’re pretty much required to wear at least one nautical outfit. This dress is one of my favorites, and it was perfect for our first dinner with a view. In case you missed last Monday’s post, I was blessed to spend a week in Ogunquit, Maine with my husband and our best friends. It was a blissful escape from noisy city life (and my husband’s crazy work schedule). We stayed in a beautiful house and enjoyed plenty of sunshine, laughter, bubbly beverages and ice cream. More outfits from the trip to come, so stay tuned! Read More →

Matching Set

Crop Top + Skirt

I can’t even tell you how long and hard I searched for a matching set like this one. It was one of those wish list items that I totally fixated on, and I wouldn’t rest until I found the perfect one. This involved three online orders and returns, plus a few in-store try on fails. Finally, with extra time to kill after my trip to Dillard’s (where I got this and these), I popped into Aeropostale. I honestly can’t remember the last time I went in there, but they were having a sale, and I figured why not. It must have been fate, because hanging there in my size were these two matching pieces. Not only did they fit well, but they were majorly on sale (and still are!). It just goes to show that persistence pays off! Read More →

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